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Published Jun 22, 21
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A Website To make this a “real thing” it’s best to have a website that shows potential clients you are a legit writer. Here is my writer website: My writer website Innovative Ink My website speaks to my ideal client – native digital brands. If a digital brand is seeking an online writer and happens to find my website, my copy shows them that I can be the writer for them.

2. A Writing Niche Ideally, having a freelance writing niche can help you find work quickly as a work from home writer. Definitively knowing that you want to be a pet writer or a food writer or a parenting writer makes it easier to find the right type of online job you want, right? How do you find your niche? I would look at your hobbies, your previous work experience or your passions and find some topics you might be interested in writing about.

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For example, a lot of my subscribers mention the arts is a topic they want to write about. Since my niche is small business, you can try to find art exhibitions or companies that supply the paint or art supplies to see if they have an online presence, a blog or a newsletter.

The blog posts on my blog – Elna Cain – are written as close to how I would write for my clients. The biggest difference is that my client pieces wouldn’t have “I” or a lot of my personal background story in them. Instead, I would use facts and statistics in my writing.

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Can I use fiction writing? Many writers have short stories or books that they’ve written. You might be wondering if you can use these pieces of content for landing an online writing job. Personally, I work with small businesses providing business type content. So, I know for my ideal client, they wouldn’t hire you if you provided a fictional story.

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A Social Media Presence Yes – Another thing you need to start online writing is a social media presence. Again, you want to make writing a sustainable way to live, and to do this, you need to be “everywhere” online. Simply having a Twitter profile and a Linked, In profile is sufficient, though.

Know Where to Find Work From Home Writing Jobs I mentioned some job boards for freelance writers in this post. This is a great start. For more ideas, check out this post on 20 different ways to find a freelance writing job. It is filled with the best, most up-to-date information regarding how to find a freelance work from home job easily.

I show you the correct steps and give you tips and resources for finding your first client. Online Jobs Questions You Might Have This post isn’t that short and is packed with a lot of information on online jobs. But, you might be thinking of some other things that I haven’t covered.

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You write a blog post, or an email, or article or Facebook post and then you submit it to your client and they pay you! It’s that simple! I’ve been doing this for many years and I work from home, my husband works from home and my twins are doing distance learning from home! 2.

How can you tell? Well, I would check out the company and any reviews about that company. Many job boards have a rating system to let you know the quality of that online job. You can also type in the company + scam in Google to see if there is discussion about this company over on Reddit (an online forum).

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How Do You Work For Amazon from Home? I did talk about Amazon jobs a little bit in this post and then linked to my blog post over on Smart Mom Ideas on Amazon stay at home jobs. There are many Amazon jobs you can do at home: AWS Partner Trainer – Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an online platform that is used by thousands of businesses all over the world.

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My twins are in school now, and I’m doing still doing this part-time…. because I can. I’m sure you’ve been looking on the internet for jobs and have come across countless ways you can make money online. These online teaching and tutoring jobs can be a good fit, but they may not be sustainable over time.

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Some employers are looking to hire full-time telehealth nurses to answer questions specifically about COVID-19 but there also are other opportunities available for part-timers. Just be sure to check on licensing requirements to be sure you are approved to work in that state. That means applicants licensed to practice in more than one state could be particularly attractive to recruiters.

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